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This website uses cookies. To prevent further cookies from being stored on your computer, click Allow Cookies.OKNoPrivacy policyMinister for foreign affairs and trade Charlie Flanagan was asked at the weekly meeting of the Fine Gael parliamentary party on Thursday whether he has asked the EU to continue funding the Ireland-EU St Andrews Charter agreement, which provides a framework for developing and extending the common commercial space. “We are negotiating, just as you would expect, to restore the funding that was in there,” Mr Flanagan told the meeting. The government has said the agreement is on hold and has made no further commitments to EU partners after it was renegotiated at the end of the past year. The deal was struck in 2010 as a direct result of the financial crash. It provides for €100m a year in funding to develop and extend the trade and economic relationship between Ireland and the EU. The agreement also provides for €100m a year in funding for the Erasmus programme for students between Ireland and the EU. Mr Flanagan said the Budget “will take us into our promised five-year period of spending”. Minister for business Richard Bruton said he has been talking to some of the companies that use the services of the Irish companies that trade in the EU. “They are going to be fully involved in any discussions we have on this matter. It is not an easy matter to go backwards,” he added. He said he did not think it appropriate that some of the agreements reached in the past “should be renegotiated”. “But we have to take a look at the Budget and make sure there is adequate funding to meet our commitments and that the overall spending of the State is sustainable,” he added.Q: How to have an instance of a class do not close when window is closed I have a class called class. In main, I create an instance of the class and then initialize it and call a method. In this method I read a line and update a QlineEdit. So the line appears, but the window closes. I want the window to remain opened until I click a button. The below is what I have. from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui import sys import projectone class window(QtGui.QMainWindow): def __init





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